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written by: OurSacredHonor

Not yet
I'm not ready to say good bye
I'm trying
So hard not to cry
Don't go
This world still needs your smile
Please stay
If only for a little while

It's not fair
You're too young and you're too kind
It's too soon
It can't be your time
It's not right
I still smile when I see your eyes
I still need you
More than I ever have in all my life

It's ok
I understand
Someone's called you from the other side
Stand up
Leave this earth behind
Kiss me
And smile
Tell me everything will be alright
I know
You must go
But the words are so hard to find

I choke back tears
And crushing fears to say
I love you
He loves you
She loves you
Please stay

Is it wrong? Am I selfish
For wanting you to stay?
Is it too much to ask for
Just one more day?

Leave this all
And head straight towards the sun
We'll be forever marked
By all that you have done
Our memories
Will keep you safe and sound
Long after you've outgrown
The need to try and touch the ground

This flight you're on
Could take you anyplace
So when you get there
Know I'm coming, please just wait


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