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A Love Like War

written by: Mike Basile

A grenade erupts; shrapnel flies.

A battle rages under these dark skies.

A loud ticking is heard from a bomb.

How long's it been since things were calm?

Machine gun fire comes down like hail,

forming, for the sun, a metal-slug veil.

The enemy is sighted; I approach with haste.

I must prepare, there's no time to waste.

Raise my weapon. Aim. Hold.

The other unsheathes a blade. Strange. Old.

As they charge, I'm ill prepared for the attack.

Yet ,with great effort, I repel them back.

Conjuring an anachronism of my own,

in the other's eye I see fear sewn.

Yet weapons fly, neither's to run.

Each indifferent to the damage that's done.

Regardless that we know the saying's untrue-

that "time can heal all wounds done unto you.

"For neither's to forfeit, for that is to lose.

And why should I surrender, when right are my views?

A beautiful dance, we begin to weave

and, noticing our unity, our swords we sheathe.

Why this continued, I can't remember.

Surely this fire grew from a mere ember.

I sweep the "enemy" off of her feet,

and in my arms she concedes defeat.

"Nay," I tell her, "the fault was mine."

She looks up, smiling. We both resign.

And laid down, sharing heat under the stars,

I can't believe we were as disciples of Mars

set against each other in the heat of battle

raining down fire, making earth and bones rattle.

But these scars do not lie, they tell of conflict-

of the hate, tears, and flesh and heart ripped.

And so I holster my gun, feigning innocence but anticipating.

Knowing that, one day, battle will be waiting.

For it's inevitable, no matter how much you I adore,

in a love like this, Dear - a love like war.


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