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Among the Dust

written by: Mike Basile

Oh merciless world,
how you crumble beneath me.
When the almighty pillars
of virtuous, untouchable Truth
become breached and false,
so then does the foundation of my existance.
Ruptured like the bubble
in which I took solace,
extinguished by your pointed sin.
And so from the deepest depths
of the solidified structures,
come insoluble lies.
Of which will, left untamed,
swallow all that was built upon them.
Rapidly disintegrating that which I am,
like the flesh of an uninhabited carcass.
And so I sit: contorted, bent.
Waiting, feeling, watching.
As my most basic temple,
like me, is rent asunder.
Until, suddenly, all becomes broken.
Like the twisted fantasies
by which you live.
And so here I am,
a child playing amongst the rubble.
Trying to rebuild a castle with dust,
which is all of what you left me.


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