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Amo Te

written by: JustWaiting

Amo Te

I almost want today to never happen
To toss it away with my lack of satisfaction
To sit a while and pretend we're there
Despite all that's left is air
We never have to understand
What really goes on within God's plan
All we know is that life moves on
Even if we want to be gone
The day seemed so average
So normal for my young age
Struggling with my classes
Seeing who can finish tests fastest
Moving through the halls with laughs
Not even regarding that your life had past
News hit me like a rock
As if I fell from a thirty-foot dock
Down into the frozen waters below
Only to drown like my shouts and bellows
It's all a sick joke
From those nasty folks
Who like to see us suffer and cry
Until our feeble bodies run dry
From then on the day went with tears and swears
Cussing up a storm like someone who worked with sails
I noticed my cheeks shone so bright
Only because my tears caught the light
It's not fair, how could it be?
For me to struggle with my over-priced fee
I had all ready learned I was failing that class
Now I knew I'd fail like a broken mast
The one thing I life I've learned the hard way
It's not an easy thing to get up and say
'life goes on and on and there's nothing we can do'
despite us wanting it not to
But I'll have to say that, and with it I'll say
Good bye Magistra, and Amo Te.

For my Latin Teacher. You'll be missed, Ms. Higbee. I'll never forget you.


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