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A Womans Intuitions...

written by: Lucious Love

I dream deep,but no sleep,wide awake,cuz my body ache,some times just wishin u would appear,but u

remain not here,its only a fantasy,a love lullabye insanity,u sleep w/the enemy,dalila's deception,cuz u still

choose frienemies,I can't help but visualize,I see u every time I close or open my eyez,these snakes in the

grass got ya judgement clouded,baby im just tryin 2 keep u well rounded,I said don't let ya past

determine ya future,cuz destruction is the way 2 the hell fire,proove everybody wrong make them a

liar,my faith in u remains strong,but u gotta stay focused and keep from doing wrong,it aint bout where u

been its bout where u goin,and I see ya outcome shinning bright straite glowin,u wonder why I stick by

ya side,bonnie and clyde,im ya ride or die,but it aint about that,its the man upstairs,his love shines

through me that's why I care,Yeah i stay on ya case,and alwayz in the buisness,just trying to keep u from

makeing bad decisions,cuz aint nuthin like a womans intuition's...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 1:41pm


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