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written by: Chrome

cou.ld've done much worse
but didn't
thinking maybe i shoul've



looking at things in perspective
and myself

i spin around and everything around

me at the centre
but so often i forget the last part

just see it all spinning

out of control i forget who's driving

"beyond reasonable need"

a publication with
"undue exploitation"

shall be deemed to be obscene

relative to what, and whom

circumstances pending, judgement vague
lacking understanding?
of mine or anyone else?

legalese is the only english worth learning

seemingly, or for the vengeful

cleverese, clever ease

and further down the hole of despair, blame and negativity

as if whining about it could make anything stay

beneath all this and above this barren land

i'm trying to learn who i am

need beyond reason?

need beyond aftertaste?

need to express feeling lonely but no need to fix it, at all.

i lack the air and energy and respect and much care to express even

just had a moment there where i felt important

to myself if no one else

disappear in pacific wind

sounds good on paper

but who will read it?

missing at the station, in the classroom, in the courtroom, at the office, in the parade, by the washroom, during the concert, next to the blonde in the coffeeshop and not coming back if there's any trace i was ever there or here or the other places mentioned before to begin with.

complaining is still in the words
morality, suffocation, taxes, eviction, 'economic collapse' gangs violence
control, monitoring my criminal activities, or possibly, or hopefully lack thereof, but the only way to prove it
when all acts are suspect
is immobility

offense is redistribution of matter that's already there

but in this case
i believe
is a different quantity.

total utter sudden or incremental

or disappear what isn't necessary.


histamine, when is it appropriate?


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