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art vs artist

written by: anarchistangel

It was a creation from my imagination

Conceived through my soul

And given birth from my mouth

A spoken portrait of love, hate, failure and triumph

I nurtured It

Loved It

Protected It

And of course, had to let It go

It grew, flourished

A masterpiece unraveling before my very eyes

Colours, shapes, names, numbers and elements

Combined and contrasted

Creamy yellows and redolent reds dwindled away

Lively greens and complex blues became exhausted

Poppy pinks and classic purples felt distant

It began to break down and there was nothing I could do

It fought back with me

It hurt me, let me down but i still loved it

It exposed my darkest secrets and shunned me

I can't let go of this toxic relationship

It cuts me, burns me, kills me

I can't stop coming back

The relationship between art and artist

It is Dr. Jekel and Hide

It hurts me, breaks me down, kills me

But i don't love in vain


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