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Vacancy (Room for Improvement)

written by: OurSacredHonor

If this script were equipped with enough wit
To quip about when I was good at this
It could spit like a first grader stuttering through sentence strips
Struggling to fight off his lisp
I was cute then but what the hell happened to me?
Caught between a coming of age and a sense of maturity
Responsibility beckons and I answer like its servant
Yet all the possibility is still making me nervous
How do I stand up for myself and breathe life into these ideas
When they're bottled up so easy by fear?
I'm sincere, but dear it's clear to me that I try to hard
And maybe all these dreams of mine are a bit too large
They keep telling me it's my life but who the hell's in charge?
You can only play the hand your dealt so shuffle the cards
Destiny is a path that you choose to take
This isn't Las Vegas but it is high stakes
You can either hit the gas pedal or slam on the brakes
Will you be remembered for your triumphs or for your mistakes?
If a penny saved is a penny earned
Then each mistake is a lesson learned
If you've been in love, then you've been burned
And if you haven't yet then just wait your turn
I speak from experience, but I make it all up
If you don't believe me then this will never be enough
To quench your thirst or alleviate your hunger
I don't have the answers now, but I did when I was younger
Strive to be alive they said, live like you're still a student
Well look at us now, how many really do this?
Learning is an art form and I vow to still pursue it
The best thing I ever learned was there's always room for improvement


Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 2:07AM

Amazing! It really made me think. And sorry lol I dropped off the face of the earth. You probably don't remember me. Like 2 years ago.

Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 2:07AM

It's nice to see after two years some people I remember are still here

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