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The Glass Eye (The Girl Behind The Silver Screen)

written by: gilligan3

All your life you've known the glass eye
It's endless gaze has followed you since birth
In front of it you've learned to dance most beautifully
But when it's gone you sigh and sing so free

Oh my love behind your silver screen
Can you see me through it's grey tint
Can you know that I want to try a day with you
How in reality I wish to see
The girl behind the silver screen

They're all waiting in the alleys and dark corridors
To catch a slip in step,and in heart, a flustered fall
With one small trip you'll please them one and all
To be remembered forever the star's error immortal

Young woman so fair and sweet
As they all with frozen breath await your next tweet
I ask that you come with me in quiet secrecy
Sit here so you can learn to be all you are and wish to be
That I may know what if you are for me
So that you may glimpse
A life lived with ease and peace
From the glass eye forever free


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