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Truth in Love (Tara Senior Youth Camp 2009)

written by: gilligan3

Girl you're something special
Girl you're something true
You need nothing changed at all
All I want is to be with you

They say you're too much
That you don't know when to stop
But they'll never amount to much
And one day I know you'll reach the top

So stay the way you'll always be
When again they come to call
What they really are you'll soon see
And from their lofty perches they'll all soon fall

My love you're one of a kind
You don't care what they want
In my heart, your love I hope you'll find
And not that cheap lust people always flaunt

But alas our love may never be
If the light I see in your eyes
You don't see in mine
So be true to your lovely self
And maybe someday you'll be true to me


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