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To Christine

written by: UsKidsKnow

I've got some time
Guess I'll speak my mind
There's an image in my head
Have to speak these words unsaid

We had our past
It could never last
Your face brings back memories
You used to be such a tease

Two years you were gone
My dead heart grew strong
I thought I could move on
As the days became so long

But then you returned
Your soul a bit burned
You said your heart was true
How I wanted to kiss you

You asked how I had been
You asked for my heart again
You took me to our secret place
There was a hopeful smile on your face

I can't love you again
Why can't we try to be friends
My heart is feeling so mixed
Let's wait until it's fixed

It would be lies
If I said I didn't love your eyes
Or your awkward smile
But it's been a long while

I'm still a bit lost
The snow turns to frost
You know I got nothing to lose
But please don't make me choose

You know it's not your past mistakes
Or that my heart you did take
It's not because you broke my heart
I just need some time to restart

You are so sweet and so kind
Sometimes I wish you were mine
You should know you belong in my past
Sadly the past can never last.


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