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Questions on Coexisting

written by: UsKidsKnow

As I walked the long way home
I came to a cemetary full of stone
And watched the pale cold rocks

There were bodies under my feet
The stones carried no heat
And I wondered where their spirits were?

God said there was a heaven
And for the sinners, hell layored seven
But how can any of us possibly know?

Every religion's just a story built on belief
And followers are one's the story gave relief
So who are we to judge?

A man in India thinks Jesus is fake
but he prays to a cow for his sake
Neither of us are changing our views

The God on my side saved the Jews
He's one-third the reason of my sunday pews
He gave me his only son

The Muslims have Muhomed ascending to Heaven
And stories I was taught from when I was eleven
And they think Jesus is a Joke

I've seen miracles from Jesus
And still others coutries tease us
They've seen miracles too

Jesus hung around the samaritan's
And people drenched in sin
WHat gives you the right not to?

So fuck all the religious wars
And people going door to door
You give a bad name to yourself

You're no better than the man next to you
No better than the things that you do
You keep it to yourself, and I'll keep it to myself


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