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When I'm Alone

written by: UsKidsKnow

Sometimes when I'm alone, the cold sets in
My thoughts come out to torture my soul
Because it's when I'm alone that I admit
I admit the truth about myself

Apathy, tearing away the heat
Dragging me down with it's claws
Good God, don't leave me here
Don't leave me here alone

It's when I'm alone that I can see
See as the fire of my soul fades
Until there is nothing but the grey smoke
Grey smoke and Remebrance for what was

Numb, that's what the night shows me
The night tells me that I'm numb
The night shows me that I'm alone
The night is sucking out my soul

Days pass unoticed, nights pass restless
If there's a God he'll speak warmth into me
Because my dead heart is puttering along
Because my life is fading out into black.


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