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Preparing for Reentry

written by: OurSacredHonor

Life is too short for my indecision
But every time my inability strikes with precision
I can't muster up the courage to start a simple conversation
Paralyzed by fear and yet shaking with impatience
Every thought I think I thought you make me second guess
Why, might you ask, am I trying so hard to impress
Someone who once looked up to me? Well, I confess
This all comes down to misinformation and my misstep
In my clumsiness I destroyed something I was trying to protect
Here's to hoping that in time I'll find a way to correct
This reputation and restore it to its former esteem
And get back to a place where I used to mean
More than you would ever really like to admit
I could always accept that as long as you showed it
Once upon a time you used to tell me everything
Now I feel we don't ever talk about anything
"Hi, how's it going?" "How are you?" "How've you been?"
Is that the extent of our vocabularies? What happens next?
I always had to work at you but you'd always give in
Even if just for a little while, I felt I had a chance to win
Maybe I never wanted to, and maybe I never did
But still I dreaded the endings after we would begin
I've struggled so long to find things to bring us together again
Each time thinking of how it reminds me of how we were back then
Maybe my fears are unfounded, and things will fall right into place
But I don't want to be another astronaut stranded, drifting in outer space
I hope I've righted this shuttle, and as I'm rocketing 'round the moon
Know things will be right, and although not tonight, I will be seeing you soon


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