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Day To Dusk

written by: UsKidsKnow

You barged in here and cut out my tounge
Gouged out my eyes and pushed me to the ground
You took everything your hands could steal
All my mind, all my heart, all my soul

My soul's barren and my heart, it is cracked
You took no heed to my destined path
You broke off the trail, now I'm lost and scared
The forest of your heart is big and dark

You gamble away the possessions I gave you
Now I'm dirty and poor and you drift away
So I waste my time drinking the emptiness away
But with every sip I take, the emptiness only grows

You're a cold mistress of the moonlit night
You take what you can, give nothing back
Damn you, damn you, and damn you again
You ruined my belief in anything pure

Day to Dusk and Dusk to Day
I will learn to love again


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