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Caroline's Son

written by: UsKidsKnow

William drove off into the night
He had guilt in his mind and guilt in his heart
But he had to escape.
William had to learn that the world was round
It wasn't enough just to be told
So he checked into a motel, he took out a pen
He sat at a desk, turned on a light, and began.

He wrote, "Dear Caroline, dear mother. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry the truth that drives you to live isn't the same truth that drives me.
You need to know that I love you, you need to know that I care.
But being told and just believing isn't something I can do.
So, I must leave you, the church, God, and everyone from home.
Because the place you live is not a place I can call home.
I have no home.
The motel where I sleep is more of a home then that place.
And don't think it's something you've done, it's not. It's me.
I must leave, experience the world, life, love, pain.
I want the highest highs, yes, but also the lowest lows.
I want to meet my maker, knowing he's who I want to be with.
I can't just be told to love him.
I will never be far, for the world is a very small place.
And if I ever need you, I will call, have no fear.
But my life was meant to be lived on the move.
This is goodbye, unless my path leads me back to you.
I don't know where I'm going, but I don't want to.
There's a magic to this mystery, isn't there?"

And with that William signed his name.
He stared at the letter for clean, curious face
And he burned it and threw it in the trash.
He knew it'd break his mother's heart.
So he told me the story, told me of the letter
And told me in case he never made home
That I was in charge of telling his mother.
So that is what I'm doing.


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