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A Christmas Confession

written by: bonniegdavis

I must make a confession:

I once stole a Christmas tree.

Please listen before you judge me.

Twas a week before Christmas day,

I had just gotten of work in L.A.

As I am driving a sign appears:

"All Christmas Trees Just $10 Right Here"

Christmas trees in L.A. cost a lot;

So I pulled in and began to shop.

I find the perfect tree of my dreams;

But can find no attendant, it seems.

I wait for one hour in the tree lot;

Saying, "No, the attendant I am not"

"I have no idea where he might be"

"And please, take your hands off of my tree."

Possible lose of my tree made me dare,

To snatch my tree and drive away from there.

On the way home I had some frights,

Every time I saw flashing lights.

I got home and said, "Look what I bought."

Ashamed to tell them the tree was "hot".

Thanks for letting me unburden my soul,

I've been so guilty 'bout the tree I stole.


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