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Sit At Home And Do Nothing (The Mask I Wear)

written by: UsKidsKnow

I'm depresssed, just to say that I am
I'm a bundle of joy, just not showing it
What wins awards? The kid film or the tragedy?

I'm lost and open about it.
I'm scared, but not discussing it.
Willingly selling my soul so my shit will sell.

And the mask I wear all the time
Is taking over the parts of me I've locked away
The blockbuster is becoming the documentary.

The mask is melting right over my face
And darkness, once so fake, now so real
I don't have the will to scream out for help.

Now, the fact that I'm depressed is making me depressed
And the downward spiral I'm in is making me depressed
It's like a plotline in a fucking Charlie Kaufman script.

So the things that gave me pleasure
Now make me oh so melancholy
So I sit at home and do nothing.

And the people I once loved are either gone
Or they make me too depressed to love them
So I sit at home and do nothing.

And all those awards that I thought would make me happy
Well, now I'm too depressed to go out and get them
So I just sit at home and do nothing.


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