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The Future Within The Future

written by: UsKidsKnow

I looked into a magic bowl,
A magic bowl that shows my future
Only to see me staring into a magic bowl,
A magic bowl that shows my future

And what I saw within that bowl within a bowl
Was a future within a future that I cannot imagine
I was sitting alone, drinking, smoking, hating my life
All because I didn't grab you when I had the chance

And when I thought I could have you
I was too busy looking into the future
Making sure being with you was the right thing
Making sure that everything would be alright

I wasted so much time contemplating life
I missed out on the best parts it has to offer
I've never just done something on a whim
Never allowed myself to be completley free

And in my magic bowl that shows the future
I saw myself throw my magic bowl out the window
And I saw it smash into a million peices on the sidewalk
And I saw myself run to you house as fast as I could

And when I saw all of this in my magic bowl
That showed my future, within a future
I threw it out the window, and ran to your house
And I kissed your lips passionatley.


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