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Lord Of Darkness

written by: gilligan3

She laughs, giggling obnoxiously
And suddenly I reach out and silence her forever
Then reality claims the air between us again
But her laughter is never the same again

Each day he walks this way
But today his path I'll stay
Giant black shadows grip him, ripping him apart
And I laugh as he screams in pain and fear

Then all is as it was
But he'll walk this way no more
And his fear forever i've gained
Even though it was only a dream

The power i wield is false reality
Their fear is my fuel
Their terror my food
And with nightmares of my own design do i reap my harvest

They quake as I walk by
I rule this little world with fear and false pain
All I desire is at my command
Till THEY came all was under my terrible whims

Then the disciples of the light broke into my realm
With children's toys they made my imagination real
And forced me to face consequence
Something THEY did as well

THEY thought they could break me with trinkets to bring the light
But by bringing my shared dreams into reality
They've done more harm than they could've known
In my own twisted way I brought order to these sad little children
And now the people of this world are harmed when I work my will

Those FOOLS! they are paying more and more each day
Soon they must realize that all they do is for naught
I am GOD of this world! And they are the devils
Don't they understand that devils always loose

Soon will come the final confrontation when we clash with finality Then when Light and Darkness finally meet
Then when Defiance and Desire are in one place
At Last we shall see who's strength shapes the world


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