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The Leaf

written by: UsKidsKnow

Can someone tell me what I'm still doing here
In this world, without someone to hold
Without a life to call my own?

Because I've been living with the wind
Living however it happens to blow
Now I feel the breeze has frozen over my heart

But it has blown me to something special
The wind has tossed me to someone pure
And I can't imagine seeing myself moving on

So, I'm staying here, putting my foot down
You can't push me around no more
Because I've found something worth fighting for

And I'm casting out my anchor
I'm building a shelter made out of love
You can't move me, can't blow me away

Now, I don't want to feel you anymore
Don't want to feel the winter winds coming
I'm gonna stay where I'm at, I've found the sun

The sun is my one and only love
It keeps me warm when I am cold
And I will treasure it forever.


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