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written by: OurSacredHonor

Missing responsibility claim
While fingers' aim to place the blame
Point your finger at me, say I'm the bad guy
What does that make you? Good? Not in my eyes
Try as you may, to get in my way
I won't let you do it to me, not today
I've come to far now to go out like this
I'm come to far now to barely miss
I won't let this chance slip right through my fingers
And be left with regrets that linger
I won't have that weight on my shoulders all my life
It's a feeling colder than the touch of the sharp edge of a knife
And you will find that with a closer inspection
That you're the cause of this infection

Like bacteria in an open wound
You spread and then you consume
You're a virus that has broken underneath my skin
But this'll be the last time that I let you in
No longer will I be simply a corporate product
From you I'm gonna be set free
Because now I've got the right antibiotic
And from now on out I'll be healthy

Today I found the cure
I won't suffer from your sickness anymore
I've been fighting for a reason to live again
And I've found it in all my friends


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