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written by: gilligan3

When we first met I didn't think we had a hope of love
But then I didn't think to hope was my lot
To pine and envy was forever to be my game
But then I heard fate was saving for me a wife
And alas wistfully I thought perhaps it might be you
So I could finally get the pretty one

Then a smile crosed your lips
As he strolled on by
And a giggle left your throat
when he joked, and I sighed so sadly

So the two of you ran of together into the sunset
And sang such melodies that put the angels to shame
Then as time does he drew you two apart
And seperated you as he tests each fleeting fancy

At first I thought your fire would burn to times end
But it fizzled and died along with your trip abroad
And then when you returned I looked for the signs
That love still remained between you and he

Now I see that he turns to another
Though unconsciously he desires her heart
As I desired yours in silly childish games
And maybe this time it'll last for she seems to return his love

But as for you and me
One obstacle remains... Fate
For she tells me that in a dream was another girl told
That her heart forever and always was I to hold

So maybe we're meant to be
And maybe my feelings are just temporary
But maybe if I try to show my love for you
We'll be together forever eternally


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