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written by: OurSacredHonor

I've spent chances and time
And I've been waiting in line
But I can't wait any longer
Or the rest of my life will pass me by
I've become hesitant
And complacent
I've gotten tunnel vision
I can't see what is adjacent
To this path leading no where
It's so dreary and bland there
It requires no action
I don't have to care
But shouldn't I?
Couldn't I?
Wouldn't I then?
Things were different
I was better
And still armed with my pen
But this armistice
In false pretense
Has me so tense
I just relent
To senses that I could never trust
I've become oxidized, my shell is rust
Thrust into the darkness
Who could have thought this
Would happen to me?
So quickly
Fumbling blindly
Someone's behind me
They whisper in my ear
Crystal clear
"Remember me? Yea, I'm still here"
Hello fear
It's been a while
I still remember you well
You mocked me when I stumbled
And you laughed when I fell
You drove me from my passions
To a much safer place
And for that I still hate you
So much success erased
But guess what? I opened up that drawer
And it still held my pen
Armed once more I'll battle you
On this stark battlefield again
This white page will erupt
In an explosion of words
Staining the verses read
But a shot was never heard


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