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One Way Street

written by: OurSacredHonor

I'm questioning why I'm questioning you again
If I could I'd put you on a stand to bring this all to an end
But is that any way to treat a friend?
After all, isn't "guilty until proven innocent" how this all began?
Pause for a minute
Let's rewind to a time
When you and I were something different
Two of a kind
Was it merely proximity that made it seem that way?
While I was away did everything change?
I don't know what you heard
But I've got a good clue
And now I wish I had the chance
To go back to tell you the truth
I didn't trust you
You didn't trust me
Truth became a statistical
When this façade we built up
Finally crumbled down
We were the same people
Under a dark cloud
You say people change
But I know that's a lie
Circumstances, maybe
But not what's inside
I seem to have lost touch
Like I've run out of things to say
But when I do reach out
You turn me away
Your actions and your words
Don't say the same thing
And I'm going crazy
Just deciphering
The cryptic nature
Of what might be your intentions
Am I now an afterthought?
A mere passing mention?
Give it to me straight now
The way you always did
Tell me I'm overanalyzing
And that I overreacted
To a set of circumstances
When taken out of context
Can easily become suspect
Tell me this isn't neglect
It's just a facet of life
I'm a mere casualty of you
Letting your life pass you by
Time does fly
When you don't make it for anyone
And I don't know about you
But to me it's not so fun
To be one of the shunned
The unnoticed, the forgotten
I can't decide if it's better
If it was only me
Or if maybe I'd feel better
If it was everybody
Friendships can't exist
On a one way street
So we'll have to change direction
If we ever want to meet


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