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A Long Day

written by: Rent 3E Hard

Its been a day so weird.
It felt like it would never end.
It went so slow, I started to grow a beard.
I thought I would brake my back when I stood up to stretch and bend.

The teacher drove us to be so bored.
She talked about this, she talked about that.
We would all rather have been in a prison ward.
I started to imagine that at her foot there was a rat.

It was so big
and it's fur was tangled at the nap.
we would need a giant rig
to put this thing in a trap.

When I was done with that dream.
I imagined a UFO
I saw the light beam
come down and take our teacher...owch.

I heard the crunch
and felt the pain in my foot
as my toes started to bunch.
The pain was worse than ripping out your tooths root.

It was her,
she must have caught me.
With my eyes in a blur.
I felt like I couldnt move my Knee.

I wanted to cry
but I wouldnt.
I felt like I was going to die
but I couldnt.

I felt a burning shame.
I tried to find a way out,
but it was like I was the only on to blame
She asked, what was the way of the new rout.

I tried to find a way
to find a single solitary thing.
For once I did not know what to say
and then the school bell started to ring.

We all rushed out the room,
out that class room door.
I barley escaped my doom,
but know I am going to the next worst thing, my job at the store...


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