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A Game of Love

written by: gilligan3

We've known each other forever
And now your old enough to know
The difference Between
The difference in you and me

You could have any of them
You see each wander into your web
And you watch them leave
If only you knew the power you have over me
Little one

I see them come with wistful wanting
And leaving so sorely disappointed
For your flower none of them have plucked
Secrets many you've given away
But that one I think you never will

Can you tell me what gain there is
In a love filled with teasing
A love that knows no bloom is not love at all
For love must grow to be more
Or forever fade and fall

I can be your maturity
I can be your rock
But you have to give everything to me
And everything isn't always meant to be

O little one with eyes so bright
You play a game of love
But the game you play is one for older kids
And this game is one you'll forever play


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