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This Poem Will Be Out Of Style By 2013

written by: UsKidsKnow

I feel so disconnected from everbody else
Even though, no ones ever been more insync
I have my cellphone, I have my Facebook
So why is no one poking me?

Yes, Win Butler, I am a Modern Man
And yes, I'm ashamed to say so
I guess you could call me an Artful Hipster
Cuz, that's what I'm defined as on Urban Dictionary

So maybe this poem seems a bit self-indulgent
That's how society raised me to be
I prefer to call it "being self aware"
At least that's what I learned in psych class

So, who are we and where are we going?
That's the anthem that is heard in our streets
We're all gonna pay when the baby boomers get old
And our economy is already one big fat shit-hole

Now I don't call myself a poet, or a musician
Cuz then my work would be hijacked online
No, I call myself the generations politician
But back when politicians meant something

Today, what is there to aspire to?
Doctors kill, and politicians sleep with sluts
Maybe I'd be a business man, if I had the balls to sell my soul
Cuz to shoot America in the head and get away scott-free
I'd have to be fucking with Satan.

So, where does that leave us? America?
Lost, yet proud? A false sense of entitlement?
Morals that don't belong to us? Meaningless?
And a fairy tale dream of fame and fortune?

So, Asia's gonna take over the world
And Europe's found it's groove at being slow
Africa, well...let's not even bother with it
And America? What a lost cause...


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