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Lord Hear Me!!!

written by: gilligan3

God I know we're supposed to be punished
For the wrong things that we do
But is this really necessary the ones I love are all crying out needlessly
And I can't do anything but pray

Lord take away this pain
Is there is someway for me to get out of this pit of misery
If not for me then for the ones around me who have served so long faithfully
I know I'm a sinner and guilty of so much
But please help us out of this mess

Lord I know that others have been where I am
And like them You'll pull me out just the same
So just show me what's gonna be because of my suffering
That I may give hope to those crying out in this pit with me

You are the one who hears the oppressed and frees them from their captivity
So I know You will see me though this trial to it's end
Just show us the end and let us see what's becomes of us
So that we may know Your plan and understand Your purpose in all of this

It's gonna be okay and Your gonna sweep in to save the day
Please let this end sooner than later
Show me what it is Your gonna do in me
What's the point in all this pain

All will be well
And Your always where Your gonna be
When all is said and done
So Lord I put my faith in You
Because You've never failed before and You won't again

Your ways are better than mine
An the way You think far more efficient than the way I think
So today I submit myself to You
And let You rule this path You path You've set me on


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