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A What If Letter to My What If Love

written by: OurSacredHonor

Dear Love,

I find it odd that I address the as such...
simply for the fact that I do not know
if I love you or not
More frighteningly (in my mind anyway)
is the fact that I do not know
if I am the one capable of determining this
At the moment
it seems that someone else is going
to decide this for me
This person may choose to keep
things as they are
in which case
nothing will change
However, should they decide to step down
then there would be a hole in my life
in desperate need of filling
I tell you right now
I know this role is yours
should they decline
During days of late
I've been torn
by the simple fact of not knowing
I am incapable of action
that can change the situation
All my attempts thus far have failed
(to my knowledge which I assure you is minimal at this moment)
I am uncertain how to proceed
hence I am writing to you
with the intentions of letting you know (maybe warning you)
that should the past sour
and the present fail to correct the past
then I will seek you out as the future
In the very least
you signify hope
and a chance
that I may need to take
My uncertainty and ignorance makes me feel foolish
If what I have now is destroyed
or simply abandoned
I will approach you slowly
so that you may receive me with necessary caution
If what I'm afraid may happen
then that means
things that I promised
never would happen
have happened
This means
that my word has been broken beyond repair
Take this as you may
but I fear this leaves you and me
in a very vulnerable situation
The world will come crashing down on us hard
with ridicule
and attempt to break everything
we would try to build
As hard
or damn near impossible
as it may seem
should that be the road
that is chosen for me
I am willing to take it
if you are
I'm playing the "what if?" game
I know how it is now
what if?...


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