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written by: gilligan3

I miss you
The way you'd laugh
The way you'd sing
The way you'd wave when we'd say goodbye

If only I hadn't left when I did
But I did
If only things had turned out differently
But they didn't

I miss us
The way we'd walk home each day
The way we'd dance to the songs they'd play
The way we'd wave as you'd say goodbye

If only the places we visited were more friendly
But they weren't
If only the people we knew were more agreeable
But they weren't

I miss me
The way I played as a child
The way I ran as I laughed and played
The way I felt so sure I would always stay so free

If only I hadn't changed so much
But I did
If only I weren't so eager to grow up
But I was

I miss everything about the way I was
I miss everything about the way you were
And all the ways we did those things we used to
But now we're grown up and much too wise to know
How to find the love in everything we do

If only I didn't regret so much
But I don't
If only I'd had such good friends and better family
But I did
So what am I doing sitting crying about what was lost
And what makes me so sure it's forever lost


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