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written by: gilligan3

I see in you a beauty I've seen so many times before
A beauty that's not noticed for it's looks
But instead for how she stands
And your beauty stands so true

Your blond hair curls and flow down your shoulder so elegantly
And I'm sure all the other guys have surely noticed
How you're figure seemed to sway
Without a breeze in it's own peculiar way

You're the wind my face on a hot summer day
You shine like a candle in a sea of flashlights
You don't seem so different because your light flickers free
Because although your light doesn't shine as bright as most
It's fire comes from an ancient and powerful place
A place most have never seen and most never will

My friend your beauty's Kind
The Kind men will always search the world for,
A thousand lifetimes waiting,
Wishing on a hundred million stars,

If you glance our way
I'm sure we'd change everything
Just to make sure your gaze would with us forever stay
And when you inevitably have turned the other way
We'd become immortalized as we turned to empty lifeless stone

You are the beauty in the cold autumn breeze
You stand, your hair flowing away behind you
Like so many long lost summers
Brushed away in the wake of the turning leaf

And as you shiver at the prospect of an oncoming winter
Here in our small midwestern town
I would like to be the first to say
"Welcome to America!"


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