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A Fool's Death

written by: gilligan3

I'm a fool
My life filled mistakes
I'm a fool
My death will not cause the earth to shake

I could've been somebody
If only I'd have turned my homework in
I could've been someone
If only you'd said you love me...

You said you want what's best for me
But you never tried to help
Only critisized and put me down
Never praising me when I did well

And I could go on forever about what you did wrong
But I'm too blind to see that soon I'll be gone
And all I did was nothing either good or wrong
But maybe I can make a difference one small change before I'm gone

Maybe you young lady so fresh and sweet
Will be the one to make me see
That perhaps not all is lost
And maybe you'll hold hands with me

Alas though for me it is too late
For I feel death nearing each beat
And Love has not the power to defeat
The pull of that horribly dark eternal gate

And I'm still a fool
My life still filled with mistakes
And I'm still a fool
My death still will not cause the earth to shake


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