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Dreams Of The Future

written by: gilligan3

I have a future so full of possibilities
A future full of dreams
And a future full of insecurities
Even though one day I know everyones gonna remember me

"You could be anything you want!"
They say to me
But what if just anything's what I want to be
What if don't want to condescend to your version of reality

My Friends must all think I'm mad
They must think I'm crazy
I love a girl only when someday I think we'll be married
Until that girl I'll probably keep on being a little lazy

It's the infinity of my possible future
The untangibility of what's to come
That hold's me back at the begining of each day
And that girl I've never met that keeps my dreams at bay

If only she would come along
Make all my dreams so small
So that I can conquer them
If only time were not so rigid in it's forward march

I can think of excuses and look back on my mistakes
But my mistakes won't ever change who I am
And all the excuses in the world won't hold back the tidal wave of time
So I'll just have to take my future by the horns

See what tomorrow delivers
And no matter the hopeless fear of change that festers in me
I must become my dreams
And I must taste the sweat of all the possibilities my future offers


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