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written by: OurSacredHonor

I've been repressed
And in turn I've regressed
Given in to each regret
Game over, reset
The routine repeated
My ambition receded
My confidence retreated
My will power defeated

I need to reinvigorate
Need oxygen to resuscitate
Do the math and recalculate
Toss out the rules and reevaluate
The script is revised
The stage reconstructed
The message re-envisioned
Then this play is decommissioned

Traffic is rerouted
The critics are refuted
My plan restructured
My mind is rebooted
Confidence resurfaced
Access is restricted
Privileges revoked
New blueprints depicted

A chance to reenact
And once again be reviewed
By detractors retrenched
Yet their faith is renewed
A classic recycled
Old methods reused
Memories repurposed
Failure refused

Questions retracted
Doubt redirected
Critiques redacted
Value redetected
A life reincarnated
A love reconnected
I've been resurrected
Today I am reinvented


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