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written by: OurSacredHonor

Once upon a time I had a hero I admired
Everything I wanted, to which I aspired
I watched her grow stronger with every choice she made
And day by day she helped pave my way
I walked closely behind, but not close enough to be noticed
And to this day I'm not quite sure she knows this
Everything I am is in part because of her
She influenced so many major events that occurred
But life wasn't as kind to her as it was to me
Compared to her path I had it so easy
She had it all, or so it seemed
Until suddenly life turned into a bad dream
The worst of news unleashed a nightmarish sequence
I watched her crushed under her own sadness
So immense, so intense I couldn't imagine half the grief
She collapsed under the pressure with no sign of relief
Yet as I saw her there, sorrow painting her face
She handled it all with an exceptional grace
A testament to character that few of us have
And in that moment I couldn't help but feel glad
Knowing that she would always find a way
Knowing that somehow she'd be OK
I watched from a distance as I had for so long
As she rose from the rubble with a will so strong
She picked up the pieces, brick by brick
Some so heavy she could barely lift
but this hero of mine refused to be defeated
Of so many things in life she had already been cheated
She was not about to let anything else slip from her grasp
Her list was still full of unfinished tasks
Now she wears the weight of the world, but she wears it so well
She is living proof that life goes on, and no one could ever tell
The hell she's endured just to be here today
Electing the heroine's role to play
She's given so much, it's time I give back
I've drifted too far, time to reel in the slack
She has given me a new outlook on life
The least I can do for her is write


Sun, May 13, 2012 at 10:13AM

Now for this one I will let a tear go by when no one, not even my dogs, sees me.

Wed, May 30, 2012 at 5:34AM


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