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My Movie Life

written by: T.W.N.D

You've got cruel intentions in your eyes,
I see the way they shift and change.
I just wish I understood all these lies,
Their birthplaces seem so strange.

I don't mean to sound like a movie
With every word and action planned
It's just, their comments are so juicy
I guess that's why I don't understand.

Young and filled with innocence,
Pure at heart,
Wild with street-sense,
Different from the start.

Two worlds colliding
With everyone's faces aghast
As if the world was ending
Hurry, end this all fast.

Let's devise a plan
And make them lose their hearts
We'll see who's the better man,
Just pull them apart.

These eyes filled with envy
Will tear into our souls,
Close your lids quickly
Before you lock eyes with these trolls.

"We must destroy the good,
Nothing gold can stay.
We've done all that we could,"
That's all they seem to say.

They've planted their seeds
And are now waiting for spring,
For all their horrid deeds
To blossom and hopefully bring

Destruction to a forest
Much stronger than them
Filled with only the best
And the strongest, unbreakable stems.

It seems they don't get
This thing called faith
And I may be a fool to trust and let
You take part in my fate.

I just have more respect than most
And while I don't trust easily
I know, I shouldn't boast,
I understand this love that comes so easily.

So say want you want.
Please say what you will
Create the next thing that will taunt
Me and make sure you get your fill.

If my life is a movie
Then you must know by now
That everything always ends smoothly
And continues on better somehow.

So you keep going
Say what's on your mind
And we'll keep on growing
Stronger than anything you can find.


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