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written by: OurSacredHonor

The bittersweet taste of your poison still lingers on my lips
And my knuckles still white from the grip of closed fists
And my eyes are shut tight behind the blackened shade of their lids
And my temper flares up as a reaction to this

Dismember you from me, carefully
Trying not to bleed, but inevitably
Blood spills from my heart as I part
And discard, it's so hard, and the barbs
Of this wire are so sharp, and this harp
In the background plays that same song
And it always takes too long

Forgive me, for I am sorry
For giving up on a four year story
And when I say that I'm done trying
?Cause I can't take it, I'm not lying
I can't make it through another week
I'm weak, if you cannot speak
To me right now don't bother
To try at all, because no other
Time will do
I'll be through with you
Your silence will speak the words I don't want to hear
It'll scream out to me the realization of my worst fear

Liar, you once called me your best friend
But all along all I ever was, was a means to an end

This is the end
This is the end
This is the end
This is the end

What's supposed to happen
When the storyline goes dead on your end?
Preparing my retreat
Preparing for my oh so obvious defeat
No casualties, only deaths were in principle
Remember when we used to think that this was so simple?

You say that you can't trust me anymore
Well I say I am not so sure
I've found reason to doubt you
And now I'm contemplating forever without you

For one last time I'll say these three words:
I l...
I lo....
I hate you


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