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written by: Tigressarah

Beware, you maid, of love's dark embrace:

Tho it may cause your pulse to race.

It's bitter kiss, a living thing, reaching deep inside,

Wrapping round your very soul, leaving no place to hide.

Ware, fresh face, of feelings tender and fair,

In the end, you may not find any comfort there.

Be not hasty to drink from love's heady brew,

Instead, tarry, wait for a love that's true.

He that sees your true desire,

And kindles the everlasting fire.

For he alone will sing your song,

And comfort you when day is gone.

Beware, my child, of love's dark embrace,

Yearn not for it's bittersweet taste.

For all too soon, the innocence is gone,

And eternity is not far beyond.


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