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written by: Tigressarah

Lost in a daydream, wishing for a Nightmare,

at least I feel like I belong there.

Ive never held on to anything good,

Nothing's ever turned out as it should.

In the land of darkness, at least I know my place,

And in it's ebony blanket, my problems I needn't face.

So I'm standing in a daydream, lost and out of place,

Where the planets spin, and I soar in outer space.

I need an anchor, to keep me here,

Someone to banish all this fear.

For I worry if I fly so high,

Reaching out beyond the sky,

That when I fall, the pieces will shatter,

I will become dust, and not even matter.

So wrap your arms around me tight.

Hold me safely throut the dark night.

Be my anchor in the land of daydream,

Lest the realm of Nightmares my soul reclaim.


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