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The Real Me

written by: Tigressarah

Looking in the mirror, who's this monster I see?

Surely it's a Nightmare, it couldn't really be me.

Others see a shell, a surface smooth and fair,

Unmarked by daily struggles and unburdened by care.

But my reflection shows me the hidden scars,

And a soul contained by self built bars.

Each failure leaves its mark, a stain that doesn't fade,

And a small white line marks every mistake made.

Every hurt transforms to steel, shaping chain mail,

Protecting my softer side with an armour that will not fail.

Ice is good for broken hearts, but steel is made for wounded spirits.

Protecting the soul when the world grows too near it.

Wrap me in your cold embrace.

Till life's battles I'm ready to face.

Steel withstand the heat of Passion,

A cage around my heart please fashion.

One day I'll be whole again,

And strong enough alone to stand.

But for now I'll live inside my cage,

Till Fate deems fit to turn the page.


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