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Fairies Hope Glen

written by: Tigressarah

You know the tears you won't let fall?

The ones you hold back with effort not small?

Let me tell you a fanciful tale,

One to make you smile without fail.

When you're sad or hurt next time,

Think about this silly rhyme.

There are these creatures, fair and small,

That collect the tears you don't let fall.

They take these symbols of great sorrow,

And make something beautiful for tomorrow.

There is a hidden glen, you see,

No one know of it but you and me.

In this glen, these creatures live,

And hope is the gift they wish to give.

They take your tears, held back with pride,

On coorful wings they swoop and glide.

And pour these tears into a spring,

That life to their little glen brings.

They know the strength of a woman's pride,

How hard the sorrow is to hide.

So in return they leave a token,A gift of hope, left unspoken.

So next time you swollow your tears,

An hide away all of your fears,

And you are are unsure of how to cope,

Know these small fairies bring you hope.


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