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Little Butterfly

written by: Tigressarah

He says he wants to chase away the shadows in my eyes,

He says he wants to take away all the hurt inside.

He seems to see right thru the phony smile my lips wear,

He says he wants to touch my heart and heal the ragged tear.

But to do so would require trust, something which I lack.

It would require my emotions, which I'm not sure I want back.

Sad to say, but truth be told,

I'de rather stay numb and cold.

I know I must move on some day,

And learn to trust again, someway.

But how to know what's in his soul,

Light or dark, which does it hold?

Is he playing an honest game,

Or reaching for a players fame?

Dare I open up and fall once more,

Dare I dream what my iheart yearns for?

Try try again, my little buterfly,

Once again, reach for the sky.

For today might be the perfect time,

You find your souls perfect rhyme.



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