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Waiting game

written by: Lightworkerll

I spend my life waiting...

I Wait to know myself...I wait to know my needs. ..I wait to find true love.

Yet even though I've found you...still my wait continues...

I wait till you are ready...I wait for you to come...I wait for you to have the time...but the time never does.

The days seem like weeks .... And weeks turn into years as I wait away my life in a sea of my own tears.

You stop by for a minute...because it's all that you can spare...a soft caress, a warm embrace but do you really care?

Inside I die...piece by piece...with every passing day. For here I wait yet again for a time when you can stay.

I wait with all the hope that is that you will find the time...to welcome me in your life and let our true love shine.

Instead you hide me in the dark where no one else can see...but in your attempt to hide me, your slowly killing me.

Now the only wait I have...is waiting to simply die...it is a slow and painful death of living in a lie....


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