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Rain (Mehras Abedian - 04.12.2015)

written by: Mehras

I hear it's gonna rain

Love promises pleasure

But leaves you in pain

Drives you insane

And you can't explain

Why it's holding you down

Like a ball and chain

But you want more again and again

Yeah, I hear it's gonna rain

Don't tell me what's right and what's wrong

I've seen it all before

The same tune and the same song

You keep knocking on my door

I hear it's gonna rain

When all your hope's in vain

And you hang your head in shame

Nothing's ever gonna be the same

When you play your last card

But it's never been your game

When you lose it all and have nothing to gain

You better quickly get in the right lane

Or forever it's gonna rain

Rain, rain, rain

Rain down on me

Rain down on you

Better run or you'll get wet

Throw the dice and place your bet

Better pray it'll rain

Don't waste my time, I hear it's gold

Don't speak your mind, keep your secrets untold

Draw a deep breath and learn to walkaway

It's dark and cold

But you're gonna have to learn to play

'cause I hear it's gonna rain

Tonight I'll entertain

Those thoughts in your brain

The wind whispers your name

And it'll blow away the flame

When it starts to rain

It'll wash away the stain

And you might feel the strain

So get on the last train

And leave this town in soaking rain

Rain, rain, rain

It'll rain down on me

It'll rain down on you

Rain, rain, rain


Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 5:45PM

i like the flow. it feel like a song .really nice.

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