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The prayer

written by: Tearful Angel

Dear Lord
Let the earth swallow me whole
Make me something other than the heaviness of my breath
The tightness of shoulder
The streching of my heart

Dear Lord
Let the sky engulf me
A hand come down and rip me off the earth
Drain my tears like rain
So it can help flowers bloom
Use the sinking hole in my gut as a garden
Sunflowers bearing the smile im to weak to share

Dear Lord
Let the oceans drawn me
Sweep me away so i may find some depth to being here
Collapse my lungs with no air
My heart no longer chiming the song's to his heart
My eyes no longer tracing the distance we are a part
My hands no longer writing pathetic antedotes

Dear lord
My life feels to heavy
My soul is to weak to carry
I'm in a game of smoke and mirrors
I am alice but wonderland is ending and around me are monsters

I don't know what im longing for
I don't know what im feeling
I don't know why Im here

Lord, getision me into space
My life has always been an extenal crise in the making
I've never been certain
I'm never not afraid
I'm never not missing

Dear lord
Allow me to walk into a wave
Float away
I don't think I can survive this body


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