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written by: gookum

A broken heart will crush your dreams

But it doesn't have to be;

The many nights you cry to sleep

Have faith and you will see.

The power of a prayer they say

Brings hope to the doubtful man;

You wonder if your prayers are heard

Be strong and take a stand.

The days go by and nothing changed

The situation is still the same;

You haven't seen a helpful hand

Dear God I call your name.

I pray to you to help me out

My world is crumbling down;

I cannot cope whats going on

I'm falling to the ground.

My heart is feeling very sad

Why should I carry on;

You haven't answered when I called your name

It's hard to stay real strong.

My days are numbered here on this earth

My thoughts are coming to an end;

I look to you for guidance

I thought you were my friend.

The day has come,I say good-bye

No hope I see in sight;

Alone I feel with running tears

When suddenly a light.

A vision of an Angel I think

So white and standing there;

She speaks to me so softly

Your not going anywhere.

A bit confused but curious

Then this warm feeling came over me;

She said God has heard your prayers

So live and you will see.

Dying that day wasn't in his plan

As for me I guess I'll see;

A brand new start to my new life

God really showed his love to me.


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