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Acid Rain

written by: OurSacredHonor

Your tears drip, drip, drop like a leaky faucet
The clock's tick, tick, tock is oh so caustic
My rhymes rip, rip, rock until my mind's exhausted
And I'll hold up, stop when I think I've lost it

Drip, drip, drop
Of the acid rain
On this window pain
It pains me so
Stains me so
Makes me grow
I can't feel anything
Except the soreness
Of the hole I've bore
Once more
The task at hand
I stop the sands
Of time from flowing
Because I don't know where I'm going
And not knowing
Is showing
I've lost a piece of me
And though I've tried patiently
To wait and see
If it'd come back to me
It's plain to see
That it's inadvertently
Gone away
To stay
I don't know why or how
But right now
I need to do something
Something right
Because I'm so uptight
And tightly wound up
And bound up
Tied to my obligations
And I haven't been man enough to face them
I've been scared of the future, scared of the past
Scared that this life of mine wouldn't last
Through the darkness of my dreams
And nightmares, it seems
No one cares
I swear
I'll be different
I swear I'll change
But words mean nothing if it all stays the same
So I won't say I'm sorry
And I won't start to worry
I gotta hurry
But not rush
Move on, but not push
This precious balance that I seek
Isn't for the weak
Of heart, or weak of mind
It's hard to find
And even harder to keep
It's the kinda thing you dream about when you're asleep
I need my health, I need my hope
I have my friends to help me cope
I'll get through this
Hit or miss
The sweet kiss
Of the lips of death
With my last breath
Holding onto it forever
So say what you may
But never say
Forever may never come
And never say never
Because together we're one
We're under the same sun
We've got the imprints of galaxies
Placed on our fingertips
With stars in our eyes
Like comets in disguise
Shooting through our lives
As their passing us by
Slow it all down for a second
Though your busy lives beckon
And call for your attention
Remember life is our ascension
Into knowledge and power
A countdown to final hour
You're just another grain in the hourglass
A tick tock of the second hand
Of the clock
Living for their demands
Not strong enough to live for yourself
You live for someone else
Or even worse you're living for wealth
But I've dealt
With this all my life
And whether I'm wrong or right
I'll continue to fight
To keep the right
To say this to everyone

Drip, drip, drop
Right down the drain
Tick, tick, tock
Can you feel the pain?
Rip, rip, rock
But you can't maintain
Hold up, stop
Feel the acid rain

Life's acidic
How we live it
And we give it
So much thought
Are you blind to the fact we've already been bought?
We can't be taught
We're all just caught
In the tangled webs we weave
We are all deceived
We all believed
Their lies too easily
Could we have feasibly
Seen this coming
Before we started running?
We're stumbling now
Wondering how
Mumbling "wow,
I can't believe this happened to me"
You're shocked by the sudden dose of reality
Like drugs for your veins these words are medicine
They'll heal all wounds in time if you just let them in
Think about it all very carefully
And remember I'm not asking you to agree with me
I just want you to see what I see
Feel what I feel
I wanna give you something that can help you heal
Because I've been there before
And I'll be there again
Fighting off those tears with my pen
Trying to send
My demons back to their cell
But I can't tell
If I'm doing it
I think I'm losing it
You know that feeling
Of reeling
While you're concealing
Not revealing
All those fears inside
Those times you lied
To save your pride
In whom can you confide?
Times like this make us who we are today
It's time likes this when we find a better way
In this acid rain, like a waterfall
Like weathered statues that once stood tall
Now crumbling at your feet
In utter defeat
Tick, tick tock
Is the rhythm of the beat
Puddles become seas
And all life starts to cease
Pain seizes the weak
And captures the meek
So stand up now, stand up with me
Your words with mine are like an army
I'm packed with heavy
And realize that trust is a must
Or I'll bust out your guts
With a lyrical AK
Aimed straight for your face
Time to put you in your place
A rhyme brigade
Here to save the day
From that crap on the radio that's overplayed
I've said it before and I'll say it again
It's dangerous to leave me here alone with my pen
These words leak outta me, and you can't stop it
Just hand me the beat and I won't ever drop it

Drip, drip, drop
Right down the drain
Tick, tick, tock
Can you feel the pain?
Rip, rip, rock
But you can't maintain
Hold up, stop
Feel the acid rain


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