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Art of Expression

written by: OurSacredHonor

I'm an impressionistic artist
My canvas is the mind
Of the young and impressionable
I'm an imagist
Implant an image inside
Of the dark and unmentionable

The unexplored
Imagined and feared
For years it seared
Horrifying images
Into the thoughts
That wrought
Havoc on a generation
Not man enough
For facing
The situation
Pacing while chasing
Dreams it seams
A stretch at best
Let me put the rumors to rest
I contest the fact
That I don't deserve this
Because I do
It's true
And so do you
So take what's been coming
With a smile
Walk a mile
In my shoes
And if you choose
To still sing the blues
Maybe then I'll change my tune
And write the chorus about you
But until then
I'll keep pen's
Aim trained on
The enemy ahead of me
And write until my wrists
Consist of blisters
And splints
From typing and writing
And the nail biting
In poor lighting
All the while fighting
To release
This mean stream
Of dreamy thoughts
Interlaced with weak seems
Poorly sewn together
Like the seasons and weather
Intermixed and mingled
Spine tingled
At the single syllable
Rhyme scheme
Dream team
Lean mean and clean cut
Pristine, no ruts or ravines
No obscene language
I'm too articulate
To be wasting my time with it
I'd rather spend the words
On more creative verbs
Interspersed with absurd blurbs
About how I live to love
And I love to be
Conjugated verb plus pronoun
That's me
It's simple you see
It's all vocabulary
And it can carry
Conversation so eloquently
If birds heard these words
They would fall from the sky
And if I could grow wings
I would learn how to fly
But all you have to ask me
Is the question "Why?"
And just like that
I'll create the most extravagant lie
Just to get by or comply
Doesn't matter
And as you catch on
It'll only get better
Cuz I'll trick you into believing
That I'm telling the truth
Meanwhile you'll be made to look the fool


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