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A Game of Chess

written by: OurSacredHonor

Sitting across the table
My opponent is you
Both of us willing and able
To do what we?re about to do
You make your first move
I will wait for mine
For I am playing black tonight
And you are playing white
Start the clock and stare me down
Flip your hair to the side
Open with your King?s Pawn
I see you?re playing offensive tonight
You hit the clock
As I stare right back
Planning my moves
While I match your attack
You smirk as your clock starts again
And slowly reach out your hand
Your Bishop?s out threatening my Bishop?s Pawn
And you?ve revealed your plan
Moving with the Knight
I take my chances on defense
Letting fingertips move to shoulder blades
Hoping to feel less tense
Expectedly you steal back a hand
To move out with your Queen
Trapped out in the open now
Exactly as I?ve foreseen
Sticking with the Knights for comfort
I go with symmetry
There?s something to be said about balance
And all its infinite beauty
Seeing your failed opening
You stick with the Knight theme
Bring your Knight out from your right side
And set it beside your Queen
Now I?ve got some options
While keeping you at bay
Carefully I?ll consider
How to turn the tables my way
I guess its my time
To turn on the heat
To knock you back
Onto the heals of your feet
Clearing my King for castling
My Bishop moves out on offense
Strengthening my attack positioning
As well as my defense
You King-side castle
Just as I suspected
And marvel over the fortress
That you have erected
I King-side castle, my defenses now set
And your attention is drawn
But you still think you have the edge
And move out your Queen?s Pawn
I see where you are going
And I don?t mind a bit
So trust me know, I promise you
I?m prepared for it
With right side Knight I move closer
The Queen receives the threat
But you?re no sucker and aren?t fooled
You?ve got many moves left
Retreat out of danger
And protect the throne
Or otherwise I?ll take you now
Not far from your own home
I move my Queen?s Pawn to initialize a threat
Or simply offer a trade
Either way my trap is set
And my initiation made
Your Pawn threatens the Knight
It?s officially started
I promise when I?m through with you
We?ll both be broken hearted
I take your Bishop
We first kiss
You take my Knight
We?re parting lips
Now I take your Knight
And the strap off your shoulder
You take my Bishop
Moving closer now and bolder
My Bishop takes your Pawn
And your shirt falls down to the floor
Your Pawn now captures mine
As my shirt ends up next to yours
My Knight takes your pawn
No we?re not done yet
You throw me on the bed
I know that my trap is set
You move your Knight?s Pawn out
One last pitch at offense
Run my hand down your back
As you breath quick, barely conscious
My Queen dances out
Like my fingers on your spine
I?m making my next move while you
Still contemplate the last of mine
Your Bishop to the edge
You?re on the verge of giving in
To my touch, to our lust
But you can?t just let me win
My Bishop takes your guarding Pawn
Placing you in Check
My tongue and teeth aid my lips
In traversing your neck
You move your King up
And dodge my attack
But you can?t escape the beads of sweat
That trace the curves down your back
I then move my Rook out of trouble
While giving you some of your own
The Knight as a shield, we?re under covers
But you?re too far gone to use it well
So you place it right in harms way
You might as well have placed it where our clothes fell
Rook takes Knight
And you take my bait
Rook takes Bishop
You?ve sealed your fate
My Queen takes her shot
And your Rook too, Check again
You?re trapped now
And you?ve only got one move my friend
You?re backed into a corner,
With your back against the sheets
Holding on to me for dear life
Like you?re on the edge of your seat
You moan, you scream, and you give in
Then with baited breath you anticipate
I make my final move and take you
As I whisper in your ear, "Checkmate"

e2 e4

e7 e5

B f1 c4

N b8 c6

Q d1 f3

N g8 f6

N g1 h3

B f8 c5



d2 d3

N c6 d4

Q f3 d1

d7 d5

c2 c3

d5 x c4

c3 x d4

B c8 x h3

g2 x h3

B c5 x d4

d3 x c4

N f6 x e4

b2 b3

Q d8 f6

B c1 a3

B d4 f2 +

K g1 g2

R f8 d8

N b1 d2

R d8 x d2

R f1 x f2

Q f6 x f2

K g2 h1

Q f2 g2 ++


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